Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christen's Day in the Life

Okay. Let’s take a second to recognize how awesome and nice God is. Ready? Break.

So. I have been praying about a new topic/script for my Producer’s Unit class because my other script was dumb and I hated it. Thanks to twitter, I found out that Dunkin Donuts is holding a video contest! I am entering it. This is an outline of the past 35ish hours.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010:
10:00A- Log on to Twitter, learn about contest.
10:01A- Freak out and try to figure out how I can actually shoot this.
12:45P- Finish the first draft of the script.
2:00P- E-mail professor for approval of the project.
3:00P- Professor confirmation!
6:00P- Talk to some friends about crewing.
9:00P- Locked script complete.
9:15P- Meeting with Director.
10:20P- Spoke with potential Production Designer.
10:30P- Receive offer to use the Canon T2i
10:30:01P- Accept offer to use the Canon T2i.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010:
10:00A- Sort of pay attention in class, but really focus on producing this thing.
11:00A- Film stage reserved for shooting.
11:10A- Cam op selected, crew set, scripts and info sent to crew.
11:15A- Equipment reservation forms sent.
12:15P- Talked with Dunkin Donuts Assistant Manager who gave me info about getting supplies for the shoot.
12:44P- Post blog and leave to try and focus on work.