Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tonight's prayer.

Apart from You I can do nothing. Without You I am nothing. Oh, God, if only I could put into words what I am feeling. I am so thankful for You. For your grace and faithfulness to me. God, thank you for giving me faith. For tugging at my heart every second of every moment of every day. There are people that don’t have faith. Of any kind. They live for selfish gain because it is all they know. My heart just aches for them. God, help me to reach out to people who don’t know you. Remove any fear and fill me with courage. My life would seriously be nothing if it were not for Your influence. The way I carry myself, the way I talk, the way I work; all would be different without You. God open their hearts. May those who have little faith encounter Your grace and accept your gift of life. Provide them with hope, oh God. Show them what real faith is. What real love is, eternal love. Jesus touch their hearts. Thank you for this burden, this opportunity to see what others are truly missing. You are a good, good God.


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