Thursday, March 24, 2011


The film I have poured my life into, ALONE, is officially wrapped! We shot 6 days, had a crew of about 30, a budget of about $6200, and a cast of 13. Everything came together and we are on our way to post production!

Things I learned:
1. Make sure your locations manager is locked early.
2. Go location scouting EARLY.
3. Bring toilet paper and paper towels to set- homeowners will love you.
4. Prepare for the unexpected.
5. Always have petty cash.
6. Hire a UPM early.
7. Delegate.
8. Walkie Talkies are your friend.
9. Have the head of departments meet early on in pre-pro.
10. Stick to deadlines.
11. Film students LOVE fruit snacks. Veggie Tales, Star Wars, and animal shaped ones, too.
12. Depend on God. Always.
13. A well fed crew is usually a happy crew. Find out what their favorite things are.
14. Visit your location at the time of day you will be shooting.
15. Lock down a behind the scenes guy.
16. Prayer is powerful.
17. Stay optimistic.
18. Christmas lights by the craft services table add a special touch.
19. Coffee IVs would be a great invention.
20. is really helpful.
21. Sometimes, you just have to make it work. Finish the movie, get it done.
22. God will put the perfect people in your path at the perfect time for a reason.


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