Monday, May 24, 2010

Congratulations Eric and Jessica!

This weekend I drove to Maryland to celebrate the awesome marriage of Eric Deal and Jessica Sites. I saw my family and friends and took LOTS of pictures!

Me and Alli, my lovely best friend.

The happy new couple during their first dance.

My siblings! :]

The unity sand thing.

The top of the cake. Duff from Ace of Cakes made this one! :]

Me, Cat, Charlie, and Alli!

This is so typical of them. :] Jess beautiful, Eric... well... Eric.

Please look at Eric's face.

Cool window at the reception place.

The bride's bouquet.

First dance.

The awesome cake!

The couple's piece of cake.

Such a wonderful wedding :].


Juana said...

Looks like you had! :) I love weddings! Haha, I love that you pointed out the groom's face in the group photo...that was funny!

Juana said...

I realized that I left out the word "fun" in the first sentence on my it should read "Looks like you had fun"...yep! :)