Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hug from God Take 2.

So. Mighty to Save. That’s a good hug.

But now I’m talking BEAR HUG!

My best friend… the lovely, the beautiful, the stunning, the farting, the cinnamon-lovin’ EMILY MURACHANIAN will be visiting me this weekend. Oh, and her boyfriend Stevie is coming too!
I SO SO SO SO need this.

Their visit is SUCH a blessing from God. My heart is happy. I am so thankful. We will go to Trader Joes, eat Skinny Dip, build a fort, go to the beach, go to church, roast marshmallows over the flame, MAKE CHICKEN FAJITAS, drink coffee, go to Starbucks. Okay, so maybe we won’t be able to fit allll of that into one weekend but I will try.

Dear Emily. Thanks for being my best friend. I love you!

Dear God. Thanks for sending Emily and crafting her into a strong, faithful, humble, Godly woman. You rock. I love you, too!