Thursday, February 25, 2010

Date or no date?

Here is the discussion occurring on my facebook page.

The status...

The thread of responses...

Stephen: well thankfully you have me as a friend because i know all about dates. a date is simply when a girl and boy hang out, and they both have interest in each other.

Lauren: Not true. A real "date" (that you call a date) only happens when a guy asks a girl out to hang out and you don't really know each other as friends first (ie: attraction first, friendship follows). Or a date can also be when you spend time together after officially stating you are in a dating relationship.

Jesse: An edible sweet fruit cultivated from the palm tree Phoenix dactylifera.

Bill: ............ marriage....... JK JK!!!!

Lauren: Hanging out with someone you may like is not considered an official don't call it's just called hanging out.

Corinne: good question.

Whitney: i personally always thought it was a date ONLY if they asked you out to dinner or somewhere fun, but definitely dinner... i think? actualy i probabl wouldt know if it was a date unless the guy said "do you wanna go out with me tonight, (ths weekend, whatever)" oh and it has to be a one on one thing!

Whitney: that was a dumb ending to my statement lol

James: A specific day of a calendar year... oh what, nevermind.

Daniel: haha Whitney knows my answer. lol!!

Jaime: if he pays, it's a date. you go dutch, not a date. hehe.

Whitney: porn-like movies and chic-fi-la! hahahah i think? or is it my favorite?

Whitney: ohhh yeah ok im going with what you said Jaime! so trueee

Lauren: How about...if you expect him to's a date.

Rebekah: I heard the best definition of "dating" on Family Life Today. "Dating" is practice for divorce. And being older and wiser I have to agree - skip dating, it's an unreality.

Daniel: whitney...that wasnt a date. that was you and me skipping class and chillin. and even though i paid that doesnt make it a date. i never let the lady pay. you know what my idea of a date is though.

Megan: I'm pretty sure that a date is only a date if it has been clarified as such. Otherwise one or both parties could see it as something else and be conned into it.

Daniel 2: hanging out is not a date.

Sarah: a one-on-one time which is spent with someone else... usually resulting the dude buying, specific questions asked, and also usually results in a little somethin/somethin ;)...

Daniel 2: i think asking someone for dinner or a movie is a date. you dont have to pay sometimes either. you also dont have to be interested in one another.

Geoffrey: I think Megan's got it right, both people need to be on the same page. Friends can go out to dinner/coffee or something and have it just be that. I do think it's more likely to be construed as a date if you go to dinner with someone you aren't really close friends with yet, though.

Jonathan: whoa. twenty some comments. good job. I think a date suggests some sort of interest in a relationship, ora one night stand. Unless done as a prank or bet.

Charlie: "Big raisins that make you poop"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This weekend I took a break from the wonderful producing mayhem and went SNOWBOARDING! Here's what happened...

Saturday, February 20, 2010:
*Christen, Megan, Jordan, and Nic prepared to go snowboarding.

Sunday, Feburary 21, 2010:
*The group left Regent at 2:30 a.m.
*Drove through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Without phone service.
*9:00 a.m.- Arrived at Snowshoe Mountain.
*9:30 a.m.- Christen and Jordan hit the slopes
*11:30 a.m.- Christen and Jordan lost each other while snowboarding
*1:15 p.m.- Lunch time!
*1:30 p.m.- Christen taught Nic to snowboard.
*1:31 p.m.- Nic fell down the mountain. A lot.
*2:30 p.m.- Jordan rejoined Christen for more snowboarding fun.
*4:30 p.m.- Christen and Jordan just made it to the top of the mountain to catch the final run down before the mountain closed.
*6:00 p.m. - Applebees for dinner.
*12:00 a.m. -Arrived at Regent.

We had so much fun on our mini road trip! The drive to West Virginia was six hours, but we had such a blast! Below are pictures, courtesy of Jordan Imhoff! :]

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Shaun White. Marry me?

I am so proud of the American Olympians. Watching my country win in competitive sports makes me want to hug and/or marry them. Right now I am watching curling with my friend and fellow blogger, Stephen Lum. It's USA versus France. I have NO idea how curling works [I'm assuming it's an icy shuffle board sport?], but the score is 4 to 3 right now, US in the lead. Let's go boys, take the French down! :] I should be in Vancouver right now.

But since I can't, Jordan and I are going snowboarding in West Virginia on Sunday instead!

Oh, P.S. I love producing. A whole whole lot :].

Picture of the Day: An inspiring producer who is currently in Cali living it up!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I miss my best friends.

I oovoo'd with Meredith and Katie last night. I miss them a whole lot. Here are pictures from the chat :].

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Film and Snowboarding.

imagine a big pool. of filmmaking. and above the pool is a huge high diving board. i just jumped from that diving board into the pool of awesomeness. this week, while busy, has been fantastic. i am producing the undergrad endowed film, producing and dp a project for cinematography, directed by jordan :]. i am also helping lauren and dan with their shooting schedules. i trained ashley to ad this week and sent isaac a call sheet to use. i submitted my first equipment request and my first tv studio request! so exciting. sometimes i get overwhelmed, but this is all fun work. i think i might wind up as a producer. the whole planning/organizing this is appealing and uses my strengths. :]

day 1 of 3 snowboarding: success! i am sooo much more confident than in the past. it's funny, because i have been snowboarding for years, and i have finally become more comfortable with speed. perhaps it's this new awesome snowboard of mine. today was wonderful. but also very cold. the high was 15 degrees today. my nose was frozen, my fingers and toes were frozen. my eyes teared through my goggles. i got a brain freeze from flying down the slopes. my snot froze, bahahaha. either way. a beautiful day. i'm enjoying the time with my family too :].

picture of the day: flame

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yup. No school! Here's a photo review of the weekend of snow! :]
Our super awesome fort!
Snowball fight!
Shredding up the Commons.

Friendship :]