Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm getting my art on!

I love to create. I am a filmmaker, broadcaster, journalist, graphic designer musician, Resident Assistant [yes, we make lots of bulletin boards]- all of which fall under the title of “artist.”

I have always loved art. I like to cut, paint, color, draw, paper mache, sculpt, finger paint- all of it. As of late, I have abandoned my more rudimentary means of artistry in exchange for the life of a film student. Typically, directors or directors of photography get the luxury of being more “artistic” on film shoots. I, on the other hand, Miss “Producer Lady” or “Talking Clock” 1st Assistant Director, tend to show my art and creativity through detail oriented call sheets and beautifully organized stripboards [for you non-filmmakers, that’s a fancy word for the schedule]. Admittedly, turning in perfect call sheets is exhilirating, but my inner artist is calling for revival!

On my latest film, ALONE, the crew shot at the house of Joy, an animator and overall artist extraordinare. I came across her art blog and was instantly inspired. First by zentangles, then by all the other potential projects I can get my hands on.

I create a new blog, and purchased a new sketchbook, which will be used to document my new journey as a revived artist.

So please follow me, give me advice, criticism, ideas, prompts, sushi, etc. as I take a step forward in my art endeavors.

My art blog is

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is my "Producer Lady" picture.

This is me on set of ALONE. I kind of like the pic, thought I'd share! :]

I've been zentangling.

Thanks to Joy, I have been introduced/addicted to zentangling, or what I like to call "glorified doodling." Either way, it is super fun, relaxing, and for real, addicting. I am loving art! I also did some paintings this week- to be posted later. For now, here are my first two zentangles!

I dropped my phone in a sewer.

There was a perfect alignment of timing, position, and circumstance. These factors, in addition to my swinging arms, and Sarah’s swinging arms, launched my phone from my hand and into the sewer drain. I went the whole weekend phoneless. And I’m still facebookless. It was very difficult to get in touch with me. Also, I was licenseless. So I couldn’t drive anywhere, contact anyone, or check the time. This whole “My phone is swimming in poop and I can’t legally drive until my new license arrives” was actually freeing. But now I have a replacement phone and a new big girl license.

I can now resume my normal life. Sans the facebook access, no facebook is WONDERFUL.