Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am a proud parent...

...of a bubble-eyed goldfish. His name is Tigre el Pescado [Tiger the Fish in Spanish]. This is what he looks like...

I drew on his fish bowl with dry erase markers to provide a habitat for him. We can't put pointy objects or plants in his bowl because his bubble eyes will pop. He's got a castle, some coral, and some plants around his bowl. I think it looks pretty tight.

I got my haircut too. But I want to let my friends at home see my hair before I post pics [Em and Kate, you'll have to be surprised  hahahaha].

Nic, Chels, Charlie, and I set up a tent the other night and "camped out" in the back of the Commons. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good times. Got in... slight trouble? No worries, it was worth it. 

Nic and I [and a little bit of Chelsea] made this amazing pasta dish which we have named Christic Ch-icken. [Chelsea cut the chicken, so part of her name is there]. It's chicken with a chunky tomato/lemon/basil sauce over pipette pasta. Excellent!

Seriously, the theme of my latest posts has been "randomness", and honestly, that is all the past few weeks have been; random fun adventures and activities.

We started P90X yesterday, by the way. Round two tonight.

Alright, I'm peacin' it. Laterrrr.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random things I have collected while at college.

I was cleaning my apartment today and realized that I have collected a lot of things since I've been at school. Some through gifts, others through just random finds. Here are pictures of the things I have acquired throughout the months. A lot of these things are elephant related :].

1. Elephant sticky notes from Cinnamon

2. Office calendar from Alissa

3. Film reels from parents, frog from FBC Missions Committee, roses from Christmas Ball and Emily

4. Potty Training Award from Clairisse

5. Toaster oven that Tom left for someone to take. That someone was me.

6. Elephant/Monkey painting from Delaine

7. Plant from Jenny

8. Burton fur from Charlie [and Katie's letter in the background]

9. Torpedo thing I stole from Josh :]

10. "Dragon" the elephant from Keith

11. Snowboarding pictures I recently put up.

13. Elephants from Delaine!

14. Random pot from Jenny

15. Boy/Girl statue I bought with Micah, fan from Joyce, and card from Cinnamon

16. Monkey [WITH BUTT CHEEKS] from Claire, Asian man from Jenny, Artichoke Hearts from Charlie

Hope you enjoyed my randomness :]

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow, random?

This weekend has been really interesting. I neglected to get the editing I needed to finish done, but I still really enjoyed taking the time to be silly and go on fun adventures. Because of the randomness of the weekend,  here is a random list of things from the past few days.

-A big fort in Nic's living room
-Roasted marshmallows [over real flames and candlelight]
-Juan Pablo Sanchez
-Stuffed shells
-Apple crisp with too much crust
-Sitting in the elevator
-Bicycling, rollerblading, and longboarding to Wawa
-More marshmallows
-Surprise birthday party
-Bush club
-Tree branches
-Cinnamon coffee
-Man woman
-Park adventures
-Antonio and Gregory 
-Walking around campus
-Big toad
-Sitting out of the window
-Propelling down the window?
-Air mattress
-Smashing a TV
-Sleeping really late
-That's what she said
-Lee has a facebook
-Hot dogs
-Awesome Awake
-Only three people in the Commons

Good times :]

Picture of the Day: Heart and Soul/The Only Three People in the Commons

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Matthew 16:24-25/Things in my life.

I hope that text was readable :] Anyways. Update on my life:
-Quite content. God's really come through for me.
-God is also definitely laughing at me. I won't go into details, but He is probably cracking up right now. I am also cracking up right now.
-I thought that with classes being over I would have time to edit and work out and stuff. Lies.
-I have 15 days to get packed and out of my apartment.
-27,454,500 pennies can fit inside of my office.
That's all I can think of. K bye.

Picture of the Day: Rah Rah's apartment

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Youth band takes over?

Here are the videos from this weekend. Pretty amazing, if I may say so myself :].

Desert Song

Not to Us, Mighty to Save, Hosanna

Holy is the Lord

You Hold me NOW

Also. This is me, mentioning my sister in my blog. Happy Cat?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

If only I could remember all the hilarious quotes from this weekend.

So seriously. New Jersey is amazing. I don't care what anyone says. Jersey is OFF. THE. HOOK. So much happened this weekend so I will categorize things into quotes, happenings, and stories.

Everyone at home rocks, here are some mostly paraphrased quotes:
-"You hold me NOW. And later. And tomorrow."
-"Fourth of July is about America and God." "America before God? That's it, you're out of the band."

-"Get off the road, old man!"
-"You've got some schmutz on your face."
-"Three worst ways to die: 1- Being frozen by the sun, 2- falling in the sky and landing on a fire hydrant. 3- Christen, what's another bad way to die?"
-"Electric Ice" "Obama"
-"I'm going to name my child Deuteronomy, Deut for short."

Basically my weekend consisted of the following:
Beach, band practice, family bike rides, barbeques [no stupid pulled pork stuff], swimming, front flips, friendship, laughter, water chugging contests, homework, Bennys [gah], eleven, worship, longboarding, weird sounds, eating, coffee, church, fireworks, hot tub, more laughter, poop [see below] and praying on the "dock".

Moments worth noting:
-I was pulling on to route 18 with Em today and we passed this car pulled over to the side, this guy is holding his 2-year-old child near the curve and the kid has a shirt on, but is butt naked. The kid was definitely pooping on the side of the road.
-I saw Alli S. today, that was really exciting considering I haven't seen her in forever. There was a lot of laughter during our time together.
-The beach was nice today but it took about 20 minutes to find parking, and the beach was SO PACKED. So. Many. Bennys.
-The youth praise band, aka the Bloody Whiskers/Mary and the Crew/The Wig Theives/ FBCRBYGPB played so well today. God is good.
-Charlie and I noticed that our relationship is often based on sounds, like "Boop" or "Blpblpblp" or "A-poke"

Ahh, such good times. Virginia is not appealing right now, lol.

Picture of the Day: Not much has changed.